Scottish Place-Name Society | About
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Welcome to the Scottish Place-Name Society website!

The Society, launched in February 1996, exists for the support of all aspects of toponymic studies in Scotland, and in particular the work of the Scottish Place-Name Database at the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh.


The Society circulates a newsletter, ‘Scottish Place-Name News’, to its members twice a year.

Editor: Bill Patterson


If you are not a member and find this website useful and interesting, why not subscribe?


The Society is a registered charity with Scottish Charity Number SC033810. Any donations to us via the Charities Aid Foundation will allow us to claim an additional 25% Gift Aid from the taxman.



Honorary Preses*:


Simon Taylor, Lecturer at the University of Glasgow


Committee Members:


Convener: Alison Grant
Vice-convener: Bill Patterson
Secretary: Leonie Dunlop
Treasurer: Peter Drummond
Newsletter Editor: Bill Patterson


Ordinary Members:


Carole Hough
Ian Fraser
Jake King
Guy Puzey
Ellen Bramwell
Alan Macniven


Ex Officio Members:


Simon Taylor

Margaret A. Mackay


Website Administrators:


Henry Gough-Cooper
Simeon Krastev



* The Comatee haes decidit to reveif the guid Scots wird preses (plural: presides) for ‘president’.