Scottish Place-Name Society | New Pont Place Name Gazetteers
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New Pont Place Name Gazetteers

The Pont manuscript maps are well-known cartographic treasures – the earliest detailed maps of Scotland from four centuries ago. We are very grateful to Dr Bob Henery for compiling detailed gazetteers of all the names recorded on the Pont manuscripts – over 11,000 names. The place-names have been recorded in their original form by Pont and in their modern form along with feature type and grid reference (where possible). Both the Pont and modern gazetteer lists can be easily searched, and clicking on the place-name takes you directly to the specific name on the relevant Pont manuscript map. So as well as being useful for seeing the context of the name, it has also made searching the Pont maps much easier. For most of these names, this is their earliest known depiction on a map and so the new gazetteers have great historical value.

View the Pont gazetteers at:

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